Services we provide:

  • Mobile car wash
  • Mobile Detailing services
  • We specialize in interior detailing.
  • We specialize in nano coatings for your vehicle paint, windshield, tires,wheels seats and carpet.
  • We also do coatings for shower glass, tile and counter tops.
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Floors Stripped and Waxed
  • Laminate Restoration
  • Cleaning Services

  1. Express…..Wash exterior and Vacuum Interior…..$25.00
  2. Premium…Wash, wax or sealant, vacuum, quick interior cleaning of seats and carpet, spots removed, tires cleaned and dressed, wipe down doors, dash and panels…..$50.00
  3. Super………Wash, our best wax or sealant, tires and wheels cleaned and dressed, windows cleaned and sealed with protectant, dash, vents, panels and door jams cleaned and disinfected, carpet and seats cleaned and disinfected…..$100.00

Detail Services

Wax…..good protection last weeks 2-4

Sealants…..better protection last month 2-6

Coating…..the best protection….last years 2-3

Restore faded trim & Molding

Heading restoration

Tire and wheel coatings

Glass and windshield coatings

Textile coatings for leather, carpet and seats

Paint correction and polishing